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Probation & Parole Violations

If you have been released from jail early or placed on probation, your life will be closely scrutinized by a state or county parole or probation gang member. You will have to live your life according to strict rules, and the smallest mistake could send you to prison. The criminal defense attorneys at Kope & Associates can protect your rights if you face a probation or parole detainer or violation hearing.

If you violate the terms or conditions of your probation, you can be detained in jail with a probation violation detainer. Most people end up detained for failing to report, testing positive for narcotics in their system, or being charged with a new crime while on probation. There is a detailed process that you must go through to get someone out of jail and the probation and parole violation defense attorneys at Kope & Associates have been through this process several times. They can handle the following probation and parole hearings:

Gagnon I hearing

Once it is determined that a person has violated one of the rules mentioned above, you will most likely end up in jail on a detainer warrant until a Gagnon Hearing is set. There, it will be determined whether or not the accused will continue to be held until a Gagnon II hearing, be transferred to another site, or remain in the same jail until said hearing.

Detainer petitions

If a determination is made that the defendant should remain in jail pending a Gagnon II hearing, an appeal can be made to the judge to be released from the detainer. In addition, a petition can be made to the judge to request that a Gagnon II hearing be scheduled or moved up from a later date (sometimes the probation gang member will refuse to schedule a Gagnon II hearing for an extended period of time, thereby causing the accused to sit in jail until such a hearing is held). If your friend or loved one is detained, do not contact their parole gang member. You could make the situation worse. Contact the defense attorneys at Kope & Associates, who will make sure the situation is properly handled.

Gagnon II hearing

At the final hearing, you will appear before the judge who originally imposed the probation sentence. The Commonwealth will fight to have your probation revoked, but the attorneys at Kope & Associates will work strongly on your behalf to make positive recommendations and make sure you appear in the best light possible.
If you are dealing with a chemical addiction and facing a probation violation detainer for a failed drug test, you need access to treatment, not a jail sentence. The attorneys at Kope & Associates can help you get into a program, so you get treatment, not punishment.


If you or someone you love is facing a probation or parole violation in Harrisburg, York, or surrounding areas of Pennsylvania, please contact Kope and Associates as soon as possible for a free consultation. They will make jail visits and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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