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Domestic Violence

A variety of offenses, including assault, battery, and false imprisonment may fall under the general headings of domestic violence or domestic abuse. Domestic violence can be an allegation of physical violence causing injuries or the possibility of injury. Domestic violence can occur between spouses, domestic partners, same-sex significant others, former partners or spouses, parents and children, or even individuals involved in a dating relationship.

Once charged, the repercussions can be devastating. The accused is often ordered to not communicate directly or indirectly with the victim and not to return to the residence of the victim until the matter is resolved, regardless of the fact that the victim’s residence may also be that of the accused. Such charges can not only result in jail time, but can also affect your family life, divorce, child custody, and child support. These charges will often result in civil restraining orders, or even state or county Child Protective Services interventions.

To make matters worse, domestic violence cases are typically not dismissed. Over the past few years, law enforcement has developed new policies, the court system has implemented changes, and prosecuting attorneys have taken an active role in zealously enforcing both new and existing laws in order to prosecute those accused of domestic violence. As a result, courts and prosecutors will frequently not dismiss the charges even at the request of the victim. Contrary to the common perception, the state prosecutor is not prevented from pressing domestic violence charges even if the victim wants to withdraw his or her accusations.

The domestic violence defense attorneys at Kope and Associates understand the many consequences that a mere accusation of domestic violence can have on you and your family. These skilled attorneys can, therefore, provide you with the knowledge and experience that is critical to your defense against domestic violence charges.

If you have been charged with a domestic violence offense in Harrisburg, York, or surrounding areas of Pennsylvania, please contact Kope and Associates as soon as possible for a free consultation. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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