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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation and Civil Defense Attorneys in Harrisburg, York and the Surrounding Areas of Pennsylvania

Whether or not you are suing or being sued, the civil justice system can be just as precarious as the criminal. Without proper representation, you could lose the things in life you have worked so hard to achieve, such as your business, your family, your career, your home, or your finances. What’s more is that a civil suit requires tremendous preparation, strategic and tactical thinking, a thorough understanding of the law, and the nerve to use that knowledge when the time comes. Therefore, in a complex legal dispute, with perhaps the future of your family or your business hanging in the balance, you need experienced, aggressive advocates to champion your case.

The attorneys at Kope and Associates approach their civil representation aggressively, with utmost devotion to their clients. They will attempt to settle any conflict out of court if doing so is in the best interest of their client, but if their client’s objective cannot be reached amicably through settlement, Kope and Associates will not hesitate to fight in court to protect their client. The litigation attorneys at Kope and Associates have handled virtually every kind of civil case imaginable - for individuals and for businesses. In each civil matter their approach is twofold: (1) provide sound legal advice while (2) preparing for trial. They are always ready for any outcome.

Kope and Associates represents those involved in civil litigation in Harrisburg, York and the surrounding areas.

Individual practice areas include (but never limited to):

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