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Contract Attorneys in Harrisburg, York and the Surrounding Areas of Pennsylvania

All businesses, no matter how large or small, depend on contracts and agreements to successfully conduct transactions and pursue objectives. Unfortunately, most business owners are likely to face issues resulting from breach of agreements or failures to perform contract obligations, including failure to pay for products or services, violation of non-compete agreements or delays in performance. The law firm of Kope and Associates represents businesses and individuals in a wide range of breach of contract claims. The skilled attorneys at Kope and Associates have experience in both presenting and defending claims for money damages or specific performance.

Kope and Associates has litigated a wide range of breach of contract disputes, including:

  • Breach of business contracts
  • Failures to perform obligations under agreements
  • Failures to pay for products and services
  • Delays in performance
  • Restrictive Covenant and Non-compete agreement disputes
  • Partnership agreement disputes
  • Employment contract disputes

The experienced attorneys at Kope and Associates offer aggressive and quality representation to both businesses and individuals. They approach each case as if it is going to be tried, not settled. While most cases should be settled, early trial preparation tends to lead to better results, whether at the settlement table or in court. Early trial preparation also sends a message to the other side that the outcome of the case will be guided by solid business considerations, not by fear of trial.

If you are looking to enforce a contract or defend yourself against a breach of contract claim, please contact Kope and Associates for a free consultation.

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