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Civil Rights Litigation

Civil Rights Attorneys in Harrisburg, York and the Surrounding Areas of Pennsylvania

The United States Constitution, in conjunction with other federal laws, provides each citizen with a number of federally protected civil rights. State or federal employers or other government and law enforcement officials have the duty to protect these rights. If these rights are violated, you may have a civil rights claim. Some of the way in which your rights may be violated include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Retaliation for speaking out on matters of public concern (whistleblower)
  • Denying you due process under the law
  • Illegally searching your property or your person
  • Using excessive force against you
  • Falsely arresting or imprisoning you
  • Maliciously prosecuting you
  • Discriminating against you on the basis of race, religion, age or gender.
  • Employment discrimination.

Kope and Associates takes pride in protecting those individuals whose civil rights have been violated. They will often seek damages in the form of lost wages and benefits, damage to physical and emotional wellbeing, damage to reputation, and injunctive relief preventing the person or entity from violating their client’s civil rights in the future.

Our No Fee Guarantee

Kope and Associates handles civil rights cases on a contingency basis. So, if they take on your case, you will be charged only if they win.


If you feel that your civil rights have been violated, please contact Kope and Associates to schedule a free consultation.

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