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What If I Am Stopped By A Police Officer?

Generally, police may ask you to identify yourself or question you briefly without arresting you. They may also issue a citation to you for a summary offense (such as a moving violation or minor non-traffic offense such as public drunkenness). If an officer takes you into custody or otherwise deprives you of your freedom, informs you of your rights or tells that you are under arrest and/or indicates that you are being held for a crime, you have been arrested.

While it is true that you are not required to talk to the police if you are not under arrest, it is a crime to resist arrest by the police. The officer may use reasonable force if necessary to make the arrest. As such, you should not resist an officer arresting you or interfere in the arrest of another person. Once arrested, you should refuse to speak with the police until consulting an attorney. In addition, if you think your rights are being violated, remember exactly what is being done and consult an attorney about it as soon as possible.


Shane B. Kope, Esquire

Shane has gained tremendous experience and respect as a criminal defense attorney, representing clients charged with offenses ranging from minor summary violations and misdemeanors to serious felony offenses such as homicide, vehicular homicide, assault, burglary, robbery, DUI and all other types of criminal offenses. Shane also has extensive experience in traffic offenses, and CDL matters. Shane has tried numerous state and federal jury trials and has argued in the Pennsylvania Superior and Supreme Courts.